Thursday, February 13, 2014

Finding a good elder law attorney/ Elder Law & Conservatorship

Looking for an elder law attorney?

A positive and open relationship between an attorney and a client benefits everyone. The key is communication. A good relationship between a lawyer and client always comes from understanding. You want your elder law attorney to understand your goals and needs, and vice versa. The communication starts with asking questions. Use the answers to the questions as a guide not only to the attorney’s qualifications, but also as a way of determining whether you can comfortably work with this person. If your concerns are given short shrift, if you don’t like the answers to the questions, if you don’t like the attorney’s reaction to being asked all those questions, or if you simply do not feel relaxed with this particular person, do not hire that person. 

Only if you are satisfied with the attorney you have hired from the very start will you trust him or her to do the best job for you. Only if you have established a relationship of open communication will you be able to resolve any difficulties that may arise between the two of you, or concerning your elderly loved one. If you take the time to make sure that you are happy right at the beginning, you can make this a productive experience for both you and the attorney. You will thank yourself, and your attorney will thank you. 

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